Here at Ostrichdirect the main stay of the buisness is farmers markets ,where we sell the rarer sort of meats such as

Venison, Rose` Veal and Ostrich meat. Along with free range chickens.


Our belief is the welfare of the animals to have as good and natural  life as possable.With no artifical or chemical supplements.


The Ostriches are free range along with the Venison. Our Veal is sourced from  local dairy farmers.


We also attend major shows and events  throughout  the North of England, North Wales and as far down as the Midlands. 


This year we have expanded into Catering and at some of the bigger events  can now be seen selling both raw  and cooked Speciality Meats


 Over the past 10 years Ostrich meat has become more popular and has now become a regular addition to our customers diets.


With the medical fraternity realising that Ostrich meat is one of the healthiest  meats on the market being very low in fat,and cholestral. 

 People with dietry problems have been switching to Ostrich as the alternative red meat to beef.


Winner of several awards

Producer of the Year Award 2003 & 2004


Overall best fresh meat 2005 {ostrich fillet}



 Great Taste Awards

for Hot Smoked Ostrich



Great Taste Awards

for Green Back Bacon